Voice UI / Alexa Skill



Kash, 25, is your typical hard working millennial. He just wishes he could wake up on time and reach peak productivity. Even though he sets 3 alarms and has various alarm apps on his phone, he can’t stop pressing snooze so he’s always late. How can Kash improve his willpower in the morning to stop pressing snooze?


After searching on Amazon for alarm clocks skills, I couldn’t find any that required you to interact with Alexa to disarm it. All of the current alarms are basic alarms and there isn’t much variety.

Next, I began researching what makes someone stop pressing snooze and what is the best way to have a productive morning. The most common answers were:

  • Set an alarm you’re happy to wake up to

  • Have something to look forward to when you wake up

  • Put the alarm on the other side of the room

  • Turn on the lights

  • Super glue your snooze button


Regular Alarm Clock Journey

  • Alarm goes off in the morning

  • Kash reaches for his phone and either presses snooze or disarms

  • Alarm disarms

Alexa Alarm Clock Journey

  • Alarm goes off in the morning, Alexa greets Kash and ask him a question

  • Kash responds to Alexa

  • Kash and Alexa continue the full round of questions

  • Alarm disarms


I decided it would be important for Alexa to ask the user questions that will prepare them for the day. Each question Alexa asks will require a response in order for the user to get through the full round of questions. Starting off by sharing the users schedule for the day and then ending off with an affirmation or playlist will leave the user on a good note to begin their day.

Alexa skill


An Alexa skill that requires Kash to interact with Alexa to disarm it will solve the problem of easily pressing snooze.

Alexa Smart Home Features

If applicable, Alexa can incorporate already existing smart home feature into the alarm to assist the user in the morning.

  • Turn on the lights

  • Change the temperature

  • Boil water for tea/coffee