The Year of Cutting the BS and being Intentional

2018 is coming to a end so it’s only right that I do a year review. I’ve been some what MIA on my site outside of updating my portfolio but I think I’m back for good now. Anyways… overall 2018 was a good year. It was a trying year for me mentally and emotionally but after going through my archives, I was able to reflect on everything I accomplished this year. I could make a long list of accomplishments, but I won’t because that wouldn’t be an accurate representation of my year as a whole. 2018 came with a lot of ups and down and if I only showcase the ups, I wouldn’t feel like I’m being authentic. What I’ll do instead is make a shortened list of what I learned this year and then end this post off with how I’m moving in 2019. None of this is mind blowing, but I love reading a good reflection so I figured I write my own.

Nothing moves in the direction I want unless I’m intentional. All the manifesting in the world means nothing if I’m not disciplined. It’s hard and at times I hate it but 2018 has taught me that yes, it’s hard and trying to break bad habits is the worst but whats worse, working hard to better yourself or staying stagnant and knowing you’re not living in your potential?

I can’t make everyone see where I’m coming from. I’m learning to stop trying to make people see things through my eyes. The way I’m choosing to go through life doesn’t have to make sense to anyone. From wanting to intern in a different city, to going to school out of state, to cutting my hair off and even to eating kale lol, I get several opinions that annoy me but I’m realizing that no matter what I do, no one will fully get me and that’s fine.

Being patient feels impossible sometimes but there’s no other option. If I could live my dream life this very second with my dream job, home, husband and kids I would but life doesn’t work like that. Unless I want to screw things up and make horrible decisions from being impatient, I need to chill out and trust the process.

No one in their 20s knows that they’re doing so I’m good. This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just the truth about life. I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out what I’m doing, made a decision and then a couple hours later backed out because I changed my mind. This in between stage of adulting but also still being mad young is weird but I hope it starts to make sense soon.

So about 2019… I’m actually very excited for it to start. Since October, I’ve been anticipating a new beginning and slowly working towards bettering myself. The difference this time is that I want to reach my goals bad enough to cut the bs. In the past I was much more lax, but not that I’m reaching the end of my college career and I’m understanding what I want, I want to use everything to my advantage to get things done.

So without getting too deep into detail, in 2019 I’m blogging more, developing my publication/life style brand (Lunar), prioritizing my personal life, consuming less crap on social media, being mixy asf and preparing for my post grad life.

Happy New Year and may 2019 be the best year to date for you!!