So About Summer 18...

Just like that, Summer is over but I'm not really mad about it. I had more than a few eventful moments throughout the past 3 months. More importantly, this Summer was about handling my business. Taking a Summer class, working and interning had me busy most days. When I look back at my Summer Goals post, I think I did okay with getting most of my goals accomplished even though I wasn't too strict with myself about getting them done. I've been trying to live a little and not be so hard on myself because that does more damage than good. I'm planning on doing the same for the semester as far as my goals, try not to be so hard on myself because I shouldn't always feel like I have to do the most. I'm noticing the things that make me happy and the things that don't and stressing myself out about checking off goals is one of those things that fall in both categories depending on the season I'm in. Adjusting my actions based on how I feel in the moment is something I'm learning to do to avoid burn out and stop unwanted anxiety.

Aside from not being able to bum out as often as I want to, I'm genuinely excited about entering my Junior year. I've noticed that every semester of college has been completely different each time so I'm optimistic about this year. I'm getting deeper into my major so things will start to get harder but it's expected so there's no reason to hold onto the Summer trying to avoid it.  Even though I can't label this Summer as my best, it was still a good one. These were the highlights that will always make me think back to this year

  • Saw Beyonce for the 1st time and Jay Z for the 3rd

  • Got my first internship

  • Went to the Bahamas

  • Passed my Summer class

  • Did a UX Program with Onyx Valley and got to experience the Comcast building

  • Finished fleshing out plans I've been holding onto since March

  • Tried Escargot

  • Moved into a new apartment

  • Made efforts to date

  • Became a TV watcher again

  • Stopped playing small

  • Prayed more

  • Read more

  • Got new skincare products that actually work