How Did I Get Into Tech Anyways? What Do I Plan on Doing With it?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 brings you everything you want and more. In my previous post, I did a reflection on 2017 and briefly talked about how I want to live in 2018. I didn’t really mention any major new year resolutions and I still don’t have any, but I did come up with some new ideas for my site. I was thinking of why I started my blog and I remembered it's because I want to share my thoughts, experiences and get people excited about the things they can do with tech. I've had people reach out to me saying reading my post was the first time they've ever heard about UX/UI design which was a goal of mine so I'm happy about that, but I don't think I'm talking about certain things in a way a beginner or someone who isn't really into tech will find interesting. I want to show you what you can create with tech, the jobs you can have even without knowing how to code and encourage you to incorporate tech into your existing interest without being an annoyingly pushy techy, because we don't need any more of those. I'm currently developing my plan on how I'm going to go about that but I realized I can’t move forward until I give a proper introduction on how I got my start. I think it will be a good set up for my new content coming. 

Back in 2015, I was an 11th grader who was completely over high school and was ready to head to college. I was in such a rush but literally had no idea what I wanted to study. My aunt told me I should look into a program called Girls Who Code so I did,  and became obsessed with it like I do with everything else. After applying, I got accepted at the Viacom location. I had no idea what coding was. Never tried it but it was always something on my to-do list that I never got around to. I spent 7 weeks at Viacom coding/designing, listening to woman in tech drop gems and experiencing Viacom. Hands down the best Summer I’ve ever had. By the end of the program, I made friendships that I still have to this day and I figured out what I wanted to pursue as a career, kind of. I 100% knew I wanted to work within media and entertainment and that is still a non-negotiable goal I have now. But back then I thought I was going to be a software engineer. Today I avoid all software engineer intern applications.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school, I got accepted into my 2nd choice to study Computer Science. I thought moving forward it would be lit and I was set. Wrong, it was a dub. The minute I got to college I was in shambles. Math killed me, programming classes killed me and all I could really think was wow that escalated quickly. Even though I was struggling in my classes, my interest in tech didn’t change. I just knew I wasn’t pursuing it in the right way. During my second semester, I attended a workshop and I learned how to incorporate design and tech. That workshop changed my life. In that workshop, I lead a team and I acted like what we were creating was about to become a million dollar product. That was my first experience with UX/UI design. After that workshop, I did research on UX/UI design, found other interesting fields, took online courses and then eventually changed my major to Information Systems.

That leads me to where I am today, focusing heavily on product design, internship hunting to get experience and expanding my content. So what are my plans moving forward? There isn’t a concrete answer. I just know I want to combine tech with art and culture. That’s very broad but what I mean by that is that I want to incorporate tech with music, film, pop culture, entrepreneurship and be able to use my voice as a black woman because diversity is still an issue in several industries. I see tech mainly as an extension to develop my ideas.  Since it's a tool for me, I see myself working for companies like Condé Nast, Tidal or even Warner Brothers when I graduate, not just the typical tech companies like Microsoft and Google (even though those are also goals of mine).

As of right now, my love for tech isn't going anywhere. I'm happy I was introduced to tech when I was but now I want to introduce it to others because I can already see how it can open doors for the people around me.