Summer Goals

It wouldn’t be right to start a new season without setting some new goals. Summer is full of free time and I don't want to waste it by not being productive. My goal for 2018 is to be a minimalist so I haven’t thought of anything too crazy that I want to accomplish this Summer., just a few thins to improve my productivity.

I want to learn how to be patient with myself. I’ve noticed I’m impatient with professional development and creating content. With the field I want to enter, the skills I need to have are impossible to learn overnight. But for some reason I think I'm expected to be an expert already. I’m impatient when it comes to how fast I learn and that only leads to other issues. As far as content, I get excited about my ideas and I don’t allow myself to think through them long enough. That leads to typos and things not coming out the way I want. I need to learn how to take my time with things. Basically just trusting the process.

Learn a lot through my internship. I spent all of Fall and Winter applying to internships and at the last minute I landed one. I'm excited to finally get some experience in something I'm interested in but I'm really looking forward to learning new things. 

Be ok with not wanting to make plans everyday. I’m a very chill person so I probably was going to do this anyways but I had to set this as a reminder to myself that I don’t have to be out 24/7. The occasional day party or beach day is enough for me. I feel like once Summer comes, I hype myself up about all the things I should be doing as if I’m super rich and can afford to attend every event and brunch. In the past when my Summer didn’t live up to this, I felt like I failed, but in reality it’s not that deep. Being out of school and having free time doesn’t mean I have to burn myself out trying to be mixy all the time (just occasionally).

But still make an attempt to go somewhere every weekend. I may not want to be social everyday of the week but it's important to get out at least on the weekends. It's easy to become a homebody, chill in the AC and watch Netflix all day but that's what Winter is for. I'm either going to be home in New York or in Philly for school this Summer so there really should be no reason for me to stay inside when there are several things to do in both cities.

I want to expand my brand onto other platforms, even if it scares me. & This definitely scares me. I’ve been sitting on ideas for months but I think it’s time to start bringing them to life because I’m definitely not going to let them die.

I need to learn how to control my consumption. I’m putting in the universe that I’m going to break my social media scrolling addiction. I also check my emails way too many times throughout the day.  Being connected 24/7 gives me the worst anxiety so I need to work on being ok with not knowing what’s going on because I’m really not missing much.

Lastly, I want to become a morning person. This is a goal I have never been able to accomplish. I love sleep just as much as the next person but my sleeping schedule has been so messed up from simply not being able to sleep at all. Which leads to me waking up late. Once I figure out how to improve my night and morning routine it’s over for everyone lol.

My goals are basically guidelines I want to follow when I go about my days.  Being intentional about my decisions is something I’m trying to focus more on because it’s so easy to do things with no real intentions. Having these goals in mind will allow me to get more out of my Summer instead of feeling like I didn't accomplish much once August comes. Do you have any goals for the Summer?