If You're not listening to these 12 Podcast Wyd?

If you know me, you know all I do is listen to podcast and watch interviews. As I write this I'm listening to one right now. Listening to people discuss topics I find interesting and hearing about their experiences will forever be interesting to me. I probably listen to podcast as much as I listen to music so that says a lot.  For a while now I've been wanting to share my favorites but I didn't want to give an overwhelming list. It took me some time to narrow down my list but I think I selected a good variety to share. A lot of them focus on self care, entrepreneurship or just current events related to politics and pop culture. Listening to podcast gives you a different perspectives on a lot of topics. While I may not agree with everything discussed in some of these podcast, it's important to listen to other people's point of view and keep an open mind. Since listening to podcast on a regular basis, I've been exposed to so many people in the different industries I hope to work in and my mindset towards a lot of things have changed. What I value most right now is learning and listening to these podcast helps me out with that. I'm including my favorite episodes of each podcast as a suggestion to where you should start because the first episode isn't always the best one. When you're cleaning, doing homework or just chilling out instead of listening to music turn on one of these podcast and get a little wisdom.   

The Read

The Read is the first podcast I listened to and now I'm in deep buying merch and attending their live shows. Hosted by Kidfury and Crissle, they will have you laughing for the 2 hours straight with their answers to listener questions and their updates on celebrity nonsense. They keep it real with everything so even though you'll get a good laugh in, you'll probably end getting advice too.

Where I listen: Soundcloud, Spotify, ITunes

Favorite Episode(s): Literally all, start anywhere


Black Girl Podcast

Black Girl Podcast is just that, 5 black women talking about their life experiences, pop culture, growth and just being raw af. They definitely don't do group thinking on this podcast, all 5 women give their own opinions. As a black women, it's comforting to hear women I can relate to talk about topics I care about but don't hear enough of.

Where I listen: Soundcloud

Favorite Episode(s): Questions


Brilliant Idiots

The title of this podcast is a great description of the show. Charlemagne and Andrew Shultz have a good dialogue and talk about everything with no filter so they really dive deep into topics that most wouldn't dare to. At the same time, some things may come off as ignorant but overall it's entertaining and it will make you think a little.

Disclaimer: Certain things said on this podcast can be triggering. I listen to the podcast mainly for Charlemagne and their guest. Like I mentioned in the beginning even if you don't 100% agree with people, that doesn't mean you can't listen to their perspectives.

Where I listen: ITunes, Spotify

Favorite Episode(s): Lifestyle of the Young And Wavy( Feat. Ivy Rivera and Lawrence Jackson)


MyTaughtYou - Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele did not come to sugar coat things for you. She's that friend that everyone needs because she will give you the hardcore answer. This podcast focuses on developing good habits to help get you where you want to be in your career and personal life. After every podcast I actually use the advice she gives. She's taught me there is absolutely no excuse so I highly recommend listening to her. if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and you need that push to get things done, this podcast is for you.

Where I listen: Mytaughtyou.com, Spotify

Favorite Episode(s): "When You Don't Know What To Do When You Grow Up", "Kahlana Bartfield: Stick With Your plan A!", "The ART of the HUSTLE with Karlenn Roy"

(Kahlana Bartfield and Karleen Roy are examples of people I've discovered through podcast that I now look up to)


Inspirational Asshole

If Oprah and Kanye West had a baby is how the host Burr Cardi and Free the Vision describe themselves and the podcast. Again they, don't just sugar coat things. This one is definitely for the millennials. Blunt, straight to the point and talking about things we want to discuss like personal branding and dating. I really love this podcast but currently there are only 10 episodes and a new one hasn't come out in almost year. I'm not sure if/when they'll pick back up, but I just relistening to the episodes because I love them that much.

Where to listen: Soundcloud

My favorite episodes: "WTF is Your Brand! Ep. 9",  "Computer Love! Ep. 5"


Black Girl In Om

Black Girl in Om is not only a podcast but also an online publication that promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. Hosted by Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory, they encourage self care, self love and self empowerment. I can't even describe how much they've helped me. Me being a ball of anxiety, they're really my go to. They've really helped me focus on my self care and my overall health without it being a chore.  Check out their online publication too because they have great reads broken down in the categories of mind, body, soul and space.

Where I listen: blackgirlinom.com

Favorite episode: "Thriving > Surviving: Preventative Health with Dr. Tiffany Lester", "On Getting Clear, Staying True with Hey Fran Hey: Being of Service To Your Vision and Others Without Sacrificing Your Self"


On One with Angela Rye

I always want to pay more attention to politics buts I've found it hard to get into. Then I found this podcast. Angela Rye will keep you updated on everything that's going on in our country and she keeps it real while doing so. Again, another black woman that I can relate to.

Where I listen: ITunes

Favorite episode: Going High and Picking Fros (feat. Don Lemon)


Well Engineered Podcast

This podcast is actually created by a friend of mine and it's part of his overall lifestyle brand Well Engineered. Hosted by Adaze and Loryn, also known as Dizz and Lo. Their content is targeted towards millennials and their goal is to talk about the important aspects of millennial culture like clothes, art, music, pop culture, politics etc. Along with the podcast, he has a collection and website coming out soon. So if you want to stay informed and be lit while doing so, give it a listen.  

Where I listen: Soundcloud

Favorite episode; Intros be like...


Side Hustle Pro

If you need guidance on how to start your business, the advice given on this podcast can help you with that. Hosted my Nicaila Mathews Okome, she sits down with well known entrepreneurs to discuss how they got their start. She also shares her personal experiences on how she keeps her business going.

Where I listen: Soundcloud

Favorite Episode: Up Close With Morgan Debaun: The Millennial CEO Shaping Black Digital Media


Fake Deep Podcast

Hosted by Brooks and Journee, 2 creatives who really know how to have relatable conversations. I really like their podcast because you can tell they put thought into their discussions before they record so they hit every point. The reoccurring theme in the podcasts I listen it that they are directed towards millennials and for the creatives so again, if you fall in those category give it a listen.

Where I listen: Soundcloud

Favorite episode: "creative, like the noun", "lemme put you on"


Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Free advice from Oprah do I really have to give a explanation? This podcast's purpose is to help you connect to the deeper meaning of the world. Oprah has conversations/interviews with the greatest from Shonda Rhimes to Former vice president, Joe Biden. If you need a little guidance through life this podcast is for you.

Where I listen: ITunes

Favorite Episode: Shonda Rhimes: Change Your Life By Saying "Yes" (And "No" Too)


Rap Radar Jay Z 4:44 interview

This is a bonus because I don't usually listen to Rap Radar's podcast but I've listened to their 2 hours interview with Jay Z 5 times already. It's just one of those interviews you don't get tired of.

Where I listen: Youtube (2 parts), linked below