iOS Tips Redesign

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The Problem

While technology is constantly evolving there’s an assumption that everyone is able to keep up with the changes. I noticed when my grandparents made the switch to smart phones, it was a tough transition for them and it affected the way they communicated. My grandparents weren't the only ones I noticed who had this issue. I noticed this within my parents and even my peers. There are certain features on these smart phones that we don't know exist or don't know how to use. 

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An example of a feature on the IPhone that people had no idea about

This was posted on 11/20/18 and this feature was added to iOS 3 years ago.




I decided to focus on the experience with iPhones. I observed my grandmother when she was using her phone and noticed she couldn't understand certain features because of the lack of labels and descriptions for each button. I also took into consideration that switching from a basic phone to a smart phone is difficult. There is a learning curve for those who have never used other smart devices like computers, tablets or earlier models of the iPhone.  



There is already an app that comes with everyones iPhone called "iOS Tips" that has tips on how to use your phone. I decided to redesign the app to include more features and tips that I think people will find more helpful.



Adobe XD

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Thought Process

Originally I thought of creating a whole new interface but I realized the iOS 11 design is already simple. Instead, I chose to implement walkthroughs, in app instructions and extra tips for features that may be hidden. For the walkthroughs and in app instructions, the user will have the ability to switch that on and off in settings.


Options that will be displayed when the app is force touched

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An example of in app assistance:

  • How to view contacts

  • How to react to a message

  • How to speak out a text

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An example of a feature that will be explained that is not obviously known

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The overall goal of the iOS tips redesign is to teach new iPhone users the basics so they can enjoy what their phone has to offer. The process of trying to learn a new device shouldn’t be so difficult to the point where it affects the way a user is able to communicate. With these new implementations, new users are able to learn the features on the phone without disrupting those who are already familiar to the interface.